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chicken paturi

Pata’ means leaves, the marinated minced chicken breast wrapped in banana leaves is cooked in steam. chicken  Paturi or in leaves is a very popular and delicious dish in Bengali Cuisine. A similar dish is Patrani Macchi in Persian Cuisine. Egg Chicken Roll Recipes Reuben Sandwich /Reuben Recipe with Matzo Ball Soup Chicken Frankie Recipe/Chicken Kathi Roll Recipe Ingredients: Chicken … Read more

Egg Biryani/anda biryani Recipe in a Cooker

Who doesn’t love Egg Biryani???? But the procedure of making it is undeniable long and tiresome. So here is a recipe of restaurant-style Egg biryani made in pressure cooker using everyday ingredients like rice, eggs, yoghurt, spices and masala.  Egg Chicken Roll Recipes Chicken Frankie Recipe/Chicken Kathi Roll Recipe Ingredients For Egg Biryani mint leaves … Read more