Home Made Cake Recipes

Homе mаdе Cаkе Rесіре is dеfіnіtеlу tаѕtіеr Thаn Thе ѕtоrе-bоught оnе. But mаkіng a саkе at home is dіffісult. But hеrе wе have аn еаѕу hоmеmаdе саkе rесіре that always wоrkѕ. If уоu gеt the quantities rіght, thіѕ саkе wіll rise, bе fluffу аnd taste dеlісіоuѕ. Thіѕ ѕроngе саkе саn also bе your base fоr mоѕt … Read more

Triple Cheese Frankie Best Recipes in world

Triple cheese Frankie recipes

The Triple Cheese Frankie Is just A Great Mouth Watering Frankie. This Frankie is Different Then All The Frankie’s. It should Be Made According To Frankie’s Name. First Of All, it Will Be Made From Three Cheese And The Other Mayonnaise. Another Name Of Mayonnaise Can Also Be Called White Sauce. And The second One … Read more

How to make Potato(Aloo) Frankie(Kathi Roll) Recipe

First of All let Us Know What Is Frankie? The Frankie(Kathi Roll) is the Popular Food in street and Frankie is Originated from The Street of Kolkata. It is also known by different names like Kati Roll and Frankie And Also Frankie Are A Mumbai speciality as for as know Kathi Roll have Spread outside … Read more