Chicken Frankie Recipe/Chicken Kathi Roll Recipe

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Let’s Understand Chicken Tikka Frankie(Chicken Kathi Roll) People In India say Throwing Chicken Frankie(Chicken Kathi Roll). But Out of India people Called Chicken Tikka Roll Or Chicken Tikka Wrap. Chicken Wrap is Made With Tendered Chicken Roll, That Tossed With Onions, Bell Paper And Sauce. This is One The Most Flavorful Chicken Tikka in from … Read more

How to make Potato(Aloo) Frankie(Kathi Roll) Recipe

First of All let Us Know What Is Frankie? The Frankie(Kathi Roll) is the Popular Food in street and Frankie is Originated from The Street of Kolkata. It is also known by different names like Kati Roll and Frankie And Also Frankie Are A Mumbai speciality as for as know Kathi Roll have Spread outside … Read more