Egg Bhurji-Anda Bhurji-Scrambled egg Recipe

Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji is Something that you can Make Quickly, and It is very easy to Make. And also Who Doesn’t even Need your Help To Make it. If You Are Making the First Time then This is the Easiest Way to Make ande ki bhujia.

Ingredients of anda bhurji

  • 8 Whole Eggs
  • 1 tablespoon Teaspoon oil( You Can Use Any One)
  • Chopped Onion
  • Tomato puree
  • Green chillies Chopped
  • Capsicum Chopped
  • Salt To Taste
  • 1 Teaspoon Chili Powder
  • ½ Turmeric Powder
  • Coriander Leaves
  • 4 Bun Pav ( Use Regular Bread or Ladi Pav)
  • Butter

Now Preparation For Make My Way Egg Bhurji

Step 1

First Now we Do Break all The 8 Eggs in The Bowl. And Also Whisk Them Easy And Keep Aside. 

Step 2

Now Heat the Oil and Butter in a Pan and After Chopped Onion and Green Chillies.

Step 3

Sauté Those For Make 2-3 Minutes and Add Capsicum or Use Bell Papers if You have then Please  Use. 

Step 4

Cook Until Veggies and Now please Become Soft And Add Tomatoes.

Step 5

Now Cook For 4-5 Minutes on Medium Heat Till Tomato Puree

Step 6

And After add Red Chili powder, Turmeric powder, Maggie Spice if U Have Then Put it and Mix Well Softly.

Step 7

Pour Eggs Mixture in The Skillet and Cook Eggs, and Keep Stirring Them in Between so that They do Not Stick to Pan And After Cook Until they are Almost  Done It. 

Step 8

And It’s time To Bun from The Middle and Toast Both the Parts in a Skillet or Tawa. Likewise, Toast all the Pan Buns. 

Step 9

And We Will Serve the ande ki bhurji With Toasted and buttered Pay and please Don’t Forget to Garnish Coriander Leaves and Some More Green Chillies.

       Now Your anda bhurji recipe is Ready to Eat. But If You Have Made this For the First time the Your Family Members Must Try Your Taste. 

About The Egg Bhurji

Bhurji is A Dish in The North and Western India and also Pakistan. It Is A Confused With Scrambled Egg And Egg and The Parsi Dish Akuri But scrambled egg is Usually Served With Roti or Pav/Bread in Mumbai. In Bhurji Main Ingriendts is Egg, Onions, Chilli Spices and That’s easy Anyone Making Bhurji.

     An ande Bhurji is a Quick, And Delicious Egg Recipe. And This Dish makes A Fantastic Sandwich. Eggs Bhurji Recipe is Simply a Superb Snacks or Breakfast Recipe, Here Scrambled Egg Are Cooked In Bhuna Masala of Onion and Tomato and Turned Into a delicious And That’s Called eggs Bhurji. And Egg Bhurji  Is One Of The Favourite Indian Breakfast Recipe And People Who Like Egg Must like Bhurji. Egg Bhurji is Spiced up Version of Scrambled Egg With Onion, Tomato, Green Chilies and Some Spice Powder. 

    One Of My Favourite Breakfast as A Kid Was This Deliciously spicy, Creamy Bhurji or Indian Style Scrambled eggs.  They Are Easy to Pull Together and An Amazing interesting addition to a Quick.

 Go Ahead and Call Your Friends over The Weekend and Prepare the Delicious scrambled egg and Realice your Nostalgic Moment With Them.  And You Can Make this Dish for Your Friend, it Is A Spicy, Simple, And delicious Treat To Wake Up To. 

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