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Croque Monsieur: Croque Monsieur sandwich Recipe

Croque, Which Translate in English as “to bite” is Croque… Read More

Pastrami Sandwich Recipe: How to Make Pastrami

A twist on A Classic, This Pastrami Sandwich is Into… Read More

muffaletta sandwich recipe-muffaletta olive salad recipe

Were you looking for New Ideas? Try an easy Muffaletta… Read More

Tuna Melt Sandwich- tuna melt-Recipe

Tuna Melt Sandwich Today In this Updated Tuna Melt Sandwich… Read More

Monte Cristo Sandwich – monte Cristo – Yummy Recipe

A Variation of the Monte Cristo Sandwich is the Made… Read More

Cuban sandwich With Garlic Mojo Sauce Recipe

Cuban sandwich       A Classic Homemade Cuban sandwich Recipe With Pork… Read More

Egg salad sandwich & Egg salad recipes

        Egg Salad Sandwich     This is the Classic Egg Salad Recipe,… Read More

Reuben Sandwich /Reuben Recipe with Matzo Ball Soup

                About the Reuben Sandwich Recipe  Reuben sandwich is an American… Read More

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