ice cream sandwich cake -ice cream sandwich dessert recipe

A Rich And Creamy Non-Dairy Chocolate Ice cream Sandwich With Chocolate Cookies. This Recipe Suggest Using Chocolate ice cream, But you Can Use Whichever one You Like. These Might Just Be The Perfect Treat For a Hot Day. 

Ingredients of Ice Cream Sandwich

I Want Show How To Make this Icecream Sandwich

Step 1

Press icecream into a 9*13 inch sandwich Lined Baking Tray, Then Smoothes out the Top. Transfer into a Freezer For At least One Hour. 

Step 2

Position one Back In the Upper-middle Part of The Oven And The other In the Lower-middle part. Then, Set The Oven to preheat to 350 F. 

Step 3

Sift the Flour, The Cocoa, And The Salt Into A Medium size Bowl

Step 4

Cream Sugar and Butter With a Mixture on Medium Spread Until and Frontally, Then With Mixer Still on, And The Yolks and The Vanilla.

Step 5

Stir in The Flour and The Cocoa Mixture, But Do Not over Mix. 

Step 6

Divide the dough in half, Then Shape each Half into 5 Inch Square. Wrap each Square in Plastic Wrap. Refrigerate for 30 Minutes.

Step 7

Put one Rectangle of Dough on A Lightly Floured Working Surface, Then roll out to An 8*12 inch Rectangle and Cut Into 12 4*2 Inch Cookie. Do the Same With the Order Rectangle of Dough. 

Step 8

Using a Flate Spatula, Place The Cookie on Two Parchment – Lined Baking Sheet. Then, Poke 15 Holes in Each Cookie Using Pointy Objects.

Step 9

Bake For 10 – 12 Minutes, Switching the Baking Sheet From Bottom to Top and from Front to bake at the 5 – 6 Minutes Mark.

Step 10

When Done, Take out of The oven and Wait Until the Cookies are Completely Cooled before Proceeding With the Next Steps. 

Step 11 

Take the Ice cream out of The tray, then Trim the Edges For a Cleaner Look And Cut the Ice cream Into 12 4*2 Inch Rectangle.

Step 12

Place each Rectangle in Between two Cookies, Then Wrap Each Ice Cream Sandwich in Plastic Wrap and Refrigerate Overnight, So They Soften. 

About The Ice Cream Sandwich

    Ice Cream Sandwich Can Be a Simple as You like—this National Ice Cream day. An ice Cream Sandwich is One Of the Best deserts to Bite into on A hot Summer day, Some Might Say. The Handheld Treat is Indulged – yet – Refreshing and can Be Customized to Your Liking. Ice Cream Can Be Layard Between Chocolate Chips Cookies, Chocolate Wafer Cookies and Oreo Cookies.

     Oreo, Ice Cream and Chocolate Brownies all In One Delicious Treat. This Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe is Creamy, Dreamy and on So Chocolaty. May I introduce you to The Ultimate  Summer Dessert. No Body Will Pass On Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich!! Creamy, No-Churn Cream is Studded With Crumbled Oreos And Sandwich Between Velvety, Chocolate Brownies. Simple To Whip up a big Batch, But they Won’t Last Long!! 

   A Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich is The Perfect Treat For A Warm Day and So Easy to Make! On the Inside; Rich Chocolate Icecream With Flecks of Dark Chocolate and Outside A Perfect Ice Cream  Cookies! 

National  Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Whichever Version You Prefer, Be on August 2 National  IceCream Sandwich Day. While ice Cream Sandwich  Are Available in the Grocery store and From Ice Cream Trucks, You Can Also  Make Your Own At Home. Given the Nature of The Sandwich, It’s Fairly Hard to Get It Wrong.

The Great thing About this Recipe is That it Makes Several So You Can Serve a Crowd or Stock Your Freezer For Treats All Summer long! Once You Make Them For Your Family and Friends, There is No Going Bake To The Store-Bought Version Because The Homemade IceCream  Sandwich taste And Texture With Blow Them Away!  

And The Best Ice Cream Sandwich is The Vanilla Ice cream in These Sandwich Has A Homemade Quality About It. Not in Them of Texture, Which Several Tastes Described as Particularly Fluffy, But in The Wholesome “Real Vanilla “ Flavor.

A Simple Ice Cream Dessert is Always a Huge hit. It’s a Delicious, Decadent and Impressive Enough to Serve up At A Party. The First Time We Served this Recipe at a Party, And You Know My Guest Asked about  How To Make it.  You Should have Been the Looks of Amazement to There Faces When I Explained the Process of Putting it Together. And People Love This Easy recipe like This!! 

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